1st Mayoral Candidate Breakfast

<photo: the Atlanta Tribune>

Yesterday, the Center for Civic Innovation hosted the first of eight 2017 mayoral candidates at its Leadership Breakfast series. As usual, Rohit Malhotra, the Center’s Founder and Executive Director, did an excellent job of guiding the conversation with candidate Al Bartell. Mr. Bartell discussed his background as a trained mediator and negotiator, and how his decades of grassroots community involvement qualify him for the position. Questions from the somewhat small group of participants addressed affordable housing, diversity, and community involvement.

Plan your attendance at a future breakfast. Next up is Mary Norwood on Tuesday March 7. Here’s some information the Center shared about the City of Atlanta Mayor position to help prep you:

  • Job description – As the City’s CEO, the Mayor “has the power to execute and enforce provisions of the City’s charter, exercise supervision over the administration of all City departments, veto decisions of the City Council, and submit to City Council the recommended annual budget”.
  • Appointments – the Mayor appoints key positions such as the COO, Police Chief, Fire Chief, General Manager, Airport, as well as the head of various departments and offices
  • The Mayor is also Chair of the Board of Directors for Invest Atlanta
  • Annual salary is $184,500.00
  • Mayors serve a 4-year term, limited to 2 consecutive terms

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