Agriculture in Atlanta


<photo: Atlanta Community Food Bank>

These days, while a lot of people are talking about transportation, other important issues are also at hand. Food equity and making fresh food available to every population is one of them. That’s where organizations like Atlanta’s Food Well Alliance is focused.

Created in partnership with the Atlanta Community Food Bank, the Alliance is a food movement. It brings together everyone who is supporting local agriculture, food distribution channels, awareness efforts, food waste recovery, and food consumption. Organizations and businesses, environmentalists and growers, and individuals and educators come together to make real, sustainable impact and change on how food is grown and used in Atlanta.

The topics of discussion include:

  • Production – growing edible plants and trees, raising animals and bees for personal use, education, donations, and marketing
  • Processing – turning raw food materials into edibles through processing, manipulating and packaging
  • Distribution – processes to transport, aggregate, store and market food
  • Consumption – cooking, preparing and eating food, including educational gardens, cooking demonstrations, and local farm-to-school programs
  • Waste Recovery – separating biodegradable organic matter (kitchen scraps) from other trash (packaging) to be used for nutrient-dense soil

Last year, Food Well Alliance helped start a two-day workshop series that trained more than 135 community garden leaders and awarded 60% of the participants a $1,500 grant. The Alliance also launched the Community Garden Grant to support infrastructure improvements on community gardens.

The Alliance isn’t alone in its efforts. Many organizations – from the City to start-ups – are educating the community about Atlanta’s food movement and making change. Atlanta’s Office of Sustainability has several initiatives underway while the Museum of Design is featuring advancements and opportunities in its current “Food by Design: Sustaining the Future” exhibit.

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