We’re excited to help put you – or keep you – on the path to living ITP. Atlanta has so many exciting developments underway, it’s great a time to be intown. The City was added to Rockefeller Center’s “100 Resilient Cities” in 2016 and is committed to making investments and improvements that will benefit everyone. With its 2017 mission to become “The World’s Most Compassionate City”, Atlanta is the place to be.


Stephanie Williams

“THE” neighborhood know-it-all

Stephanie loved and lived OTP for over 20 years. After her kids graduated, she was ready for her next life and moved ITP. She started Live ITP Atlanta to use her personal and professional experience to help others move, or stay, ITP.

Stephanie and her team help buyers strike the balance between location, home, budget, and value. They know the ITP neighborhoods that work for every age group and family composition. They help sellers set listing prices that work for them AND the market. Stephanie’s years in marketing and business development means that she knows about every form of promotion, and the team uses all available strategies to position clients’ homes.

Ultimately, the team is comprised of experts who ask the right questions and get to know their clients, their needs and their dreams, to turn them into realities. Whether it’s a new home, a remodeled or renovated home, or something else, Live ITP Atlanta is “THE” neighborhood know-it-all, helping others Learn ITP, Love ITP, Buy ITP, Rent ITP, and List ITP.

• Needs identification
• Home sales and purchases
• Home design, repair and remodeling services
• Marketing strategy and implementation
• Service provider recommendations and referrals