Give me a C!

<photo: Monadnock Center for History and Culture>

It might be surprising for ITP’rs to find out that others outside of Atlanta are unfamiliar with the Community that comes along with living intown. When you’re OTP and elsewhere, subdivisions help neighbors connect. People gather at meetings and social events coordinated by the HOA (homeowners association) and at the pool, or they play on the neighborhood ALTA (Atlanta Lawn & Tennis Association) team(s).

Although subdivision neighbors also meet like every other Community – walking the dog, taking the kids to the bus, and being in and out of their homes – making neighbors and Community just seems to “happen”. That’s why OTP’rs often see ITP neighborhoods as areas…not the Communities of their subdivisions. From the outside looking in, it’s hard to understand the Community that’s intown.

That was certainly my experience. Every home I purchased “in” Atlanta before moving TO the City was in a subdivision. I had no idea that when someone mentioned an ITP neighborhood, or when I visited one, it was actually a Community too.

You can imagine my surprise when I was told (shortly after buying my new intown home) that the street is closed off every Halloween for a fire truck-escorted parade. And that it’s inaccessible during an annual Summer Solstice soiree. I was also pleasantly surprised when I learned about the neighborhood Civic Association that advocates for accessibility and safety, provides its own security patrol…and self funds a neighborhood park.

WOW! How exciting to find out that my house on a street (not a subdivision!) would have all of the Community I was afraid to leave behind. Now here, it’s clear that Community is in almost every one of Atlanta’s 200+ neighborhoods.

Community is just one more reason to Love ITP. Want to see for yourself? Let us show you the Community of living ITP Atlanta. We have everything you need to know and live inside Atlanta’s perimeter. Learn ITP. Buy ITP. List ITP. Rent ITP.