Glenwood Park



Located between Grant Park and East Atlanta, Glenwood Park has only officially been around for 11 years. Inspired by the likes of Charleston, Savannah, and Athens, the neighborhood was “designed for people” and “emphasizes quality over quantity”. Walkability was a key consideration in Glenwood Park’s development along with environmental protection and restoration.

In addition to being drawn to the neighborhood for its green space and recreational facilities, Glenwood Park’s commercial center also brings people together. It’s shops and restaurants are loved by visitors and residents, as well as the local and nearby workers for during and after business day gatherings.

As for housing, Glenwood Park has something for everyone here too. Home options range from condos above shops to detached single-family homes.

One other Glenwood Park perk…it has a neighborhood pool. A fun amenity for everyone!

Glenwood Park’s Atlanta Public Schools:
• Parkside Elementary
• King Middle School
• Jackson High School