Resilience in Atlanta


In May, Atlanta was added to the Rockefeller Center’s “100 Resilient Cities”. On November 3, Stephanie Stuckey Benfield was named Atlanta’s Chief Resilience Officer by Mayor Kasim Reed, and last month we had the privilege of hearing Ms. Benfield and others from the initiative during their first public speaking engagement on the topic.

Hosted by Urban Explorers of Atlanta, our group had an exclusive peek into the massive undertaking Ms. Benfield will be leading to help Atlanta adopt and incorporate resilience into the City. As defined by the Rockefeller Center, a resilient City is one that can meet needs that come from shocks, like earthquakes, fires, and floods, and the stresses that weaken cities, such as unemployment, public transportation issues, and even elections. By addressing both shocks and stresses, a city can better respond to adverse events and is more equipped to deliver basic functions at all times.

This effort, paired with the recent transportation tax wins and the City design efforts are another great reason to be a part of Atlanta and its growth. Read Ms. Benfield’s post about her vision and expect more information soon.