The Real Awards in Atlanta

People all over the world have plotted their Oscar picks for tonight’s big show. While some have spent the last 2 months seeing each and every nominee, others (like us) finally saw La La Land last night.

Regardless of your affinity for movie’s big night, it’s media fodder everywhere. In Atlanta, Pricci is hosting its annual viewing party with paparazzi, a red carpet, and the awards viewing accompanied by a 4-course dinner. The Strand’s festivities include a chance to win free tickets from their Best Picture vote. CineBistro in Brookhaven is also decking things out.

Whether you dress for a party out or at home, cozy up to the TV in your PJs, or don’t watch at all, the scoop will be out tomorrow. And lots more talk will follow. Wouldn’t it be great if we garnered this kind-of attention on the things that matter most? Like the refugees we spoke about in last week’s post? Or the 13,000 people that wake-up hungry in Atlanta everyday? Why can’t we motivate ourselves and the community to focus on the issues that need our attention the most?

As we march into March, take a look at where you’ve spent your first 2 months of 2017 and where you can find time to help. The Atlanta Children’s Shelter is taking care of the 20% of our hungry who are children. Countless others, including the Atlanta Mission and Atlanta Center for Self Sufficiency, are giving the homeless shelter and job opportunities while the Atlanta Community Chef Center is helping improve economic conditions of low-income communities through food.

This short list of involvement opportunities barely scratches the surface. Find hundreds of volunteer jobs available through HandsOn Atlanta or with the organizations directly. Let’s garner all of this excitement towards something where awards are most deserved…where they will matter after today.

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